Citizens' Forum

Our Citizens’ Forum is a public meeting, open to anyone interested in health and social care. It meets four times a year, usually in the evening from 6.30pm - 9.00pm. Each year two Forums are held in Southwark and two in Lambeth. The Forums include a mix of speakers, workshops [...] Read more

What you said

  • Adrian Hopper, Consultant Geriatrician

    It's fantastic that we had the opportunity to co-design the Passport with people with catheters and health and social care professionals.

  • Martin Dadswell, Resilience Interest Group member

    The NHS has kept me alive for 20 years, so that’s why I want to give back.

  • Fiona, Citizen

    It would be nice if they could all work together.

  • Dean Holliday, Local Care Record Change Lead

    Frontline leadership is vital for integrated care to really work.

  • Dr John King, Citizens' Forum member

    Independence means an awful lot of things, to an awful lot of people.

Strength and Balance Classes


Across Southwark and Lambeth, falls account for a significant number of fractures, injuries and hospital admissions, amongst people aged 65 and over. It is forecast 5,173 falls and 296 hip [...] Read more

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are very common in adults – it is estimated half of all women in the UK will have a UTI at least once in their life [...] Read more

Older persons hands

Acute-Care Home Interface

25 per cent of people aged 75 or over are readmitted to hospital within 30 days of being discharged. This percentage can increase when people are discharged from hospital to [...] Read more

Community Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Community Multi-Disciplinary Teams are groups of health, social care, voluntary and community sector professionals that come together to discuss and improve complex care plans of people in Southwark and Lambeth. [...] Read more

Martha and George looking at the Older People's Information Directory on a computer

Older People’s Information Directory

The aim of this project was to create an online directory of clinical, social and voluntary sector support services for older people, carers and health and social care professionals in [...] Read more

Catheter care patient Claudia and  nurse Irene smiling at each other

My Catheter Passport

The aim of the catheter passport is to improve communication and information sharing between health and social care professionals about the management of patients’ catheters. It is hoped that the [...] Read more

Ladies in care home

Mental Health Care Home Intervention Team

The number of elderly residents in care homes that exhibit challenging behaviours related to mental health issues and Dementia is increasing. In many cases care homes are not equipped to [...] Read more

Holistic Assessments

Holistic Assessments are undertaken to proactively identify the care needs of older people in Southwark and Lambeth. These assessments are done by general practice professionals in a GP surgery or [...] Read more

Simplified discharge

Our Simplified Discharge work aims to resolve the issue of people remaining in hospital longer than needed. Many local people have told us they would prefer to be cared for [...] Read more

Integrated Care Managers

The aim of integrated care management is to keep more vulnerable people and those who have complex care requirements well and out of hospital, by improving the co-ordination of care [...] Read more

Mental Health Support for Acute to Community

Two thirds of hospital beds are occupied by people aged over 65 and of these, two thirds have some form of mental health issue, often Dementia. Post-hospital admission mental health [...] Read more

Red pepper being cut


Recent estimates by the Lambeth and Southwark Action on Malnutrition Project (LAMP) team suggest approximately 16,000 adults in each of the two boroughs are likely to be malnourished or at [...] Read more

Care Navigation

This project aims to help local people navigate the health and social care system and enhance the quality of delivery of our three main primary care programmes; through Community Multi-Disciplinary [...] Read more

Organisational Development for the Voluntary and Community Sector

This project aims to create and implement a structured programme of organisational and workforce development for 15-20 Voluntary Sector Organisations that can contribute to the delivery of our programme priorities. [...] Read more


Cellulitis is an infection of the deeper layers of the skin and the underlying tissue that can affect people of all ages. In 2012, there were 140 admissions of older [...] Read more

Locality Geriatricians

This project aims to develop new methods of introducing community-based geriatricians (doctors who are specially trained to support older people), to enhance the quality of delivery of our three main [...] Read more