Norman's story

Norman is 82 years old and lives alone in a warden controlled flat.

He used to attend A&E regularly, but never required an admission to hospital. He was referred to and discussed at a community multi-disciplinary team meeting.

Following the meeting an integrated care manager (ICM) looked into the pattern of Norman’s A&E attendances; they were always on Sunday afternoons.

The ICM spoke with Norman and found out that Norman had lunchtime meals on wheels from Monday to Friday.

He had no other cooking facilities in his home, so in the evenings and on a Saturday, Norman would go to his local cafe.

However, cafe is not open on Sundays. Norman told the ICM that he would go to A&E on a Sunday as he liked the lunch they give him and the company.

The ICM was able to arrange for Norman to have meals on wheels changed so that he received lunch and dinner on a Sunday. The ICM also arranged for a tea gathering to happen on Sunday afternoons in his block of flats to help with his loneliness.