Joyce's story

Joyce is a 90-year-old lady who had two strokes, had fallen resulting in a fractured neck of femur in 2013, and is now in a nursing home.

Joyce settled well in the nursing home. She spends a lot of the day in her bed or a chair, but joins in the group activities in her wheelchair.

Joyce had a new right-sided weakness so the GP was asked to see her. Joyce presented with symptoms that were suggestive of a new stroke, but she did not want to go to hospital.

Joyce reading a book


The GP was able to use the TALK 24/7 phone service and speak to a geriatrician (who was very helpful) to discuss Joyce. She was able to order the right medications for Joyce, which arrived that afternoon. The geriatrician also offered a domiciliary visit if it was required.

The GP then rang Enhanced Rapid Response and they agreed to see Joyce that afternoon and started her rehabilitation straightaway so she would be able to feed herself again following the stroke.

This resulted in avoiding a hospital visit and met Joyce's desire to stay at out of hospital.