Simplified discharge

Our Simplified Discharge work aims to resolve the issue of people remaining in hospital longer than needed. Many local people have told us they would prefer to be cared for in their own homes whenever possible, but sometimes there are delays that stop them going home quickly. These issues can [...] Read more

    Creating a trusted assessment process and simplifying the referral process

    In Southwark and Lambeth there are several high quality services that provide care and support in people’s homes. This helps to ensure people can return home from hospital and stay [...] Read more

    Creating an integrated approach to discharge

    Feedback from local people echoes that of national evidence. This is that people only want to be in hospital when they really need to be and where possible they want [...] Read more

    Time sensitive assessments at home and standardised packages of care

    This Simplified Discharge project currently is working to understand and develop the right type of support that people will require at home after a hospital admission, and how we can [...] Read more

    Training staff to support older people, their families and carers to prepare for returning home

    This Simplified Discharge project aimed to design a training course for staff from health and social care, working in both the hospital and the community. The course aims to help [...] Read more