PROJECT Simplified discharge

Creating a trusted assessment process and simplifying the referral process

In Southwark and Lambeth there are several high quality services that provide care and support in people’s homes. This helps to ensure people can return home from hospital and stay there, maintaining their independence for as long as possible. Many of these services have organically developed over time and as a result there are different referral processes and procedures.

This Simplified Discharge project aims to simplify the assessment and referral processes, so people can return to their own homes quicker.

Clinical staff looking at piece of paper

The assessment process will become more efficient, by developing one type of assessment which various clinical professionals can complete to reduce the volume of assessments done in hospital. It will gather all the information required to make a decision about whether it’s safe for a person to return home, and allow hospital staff to refer directly to community health and social care services.

The referral process will be simplified by developing a single referral form to be used across Lambeth and Southwark. The form will collect key clinical and social information about people needed for a safe and effective discharge. All of the other required assessment information will be collected when the person returns home.