PROJECT Simplified discharge

Training staff to support older people, their families and carers to prepare for returning home

This Simplified Discharge project aimed to design a training course for staff from health and social care, working in both the hospital and the community. The course aims to help them to support older people, their families and carers to prepare for leaving hospital.

We worked with London South Bank University and the Simulation and Interactive Learning Centre (SaIL) at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital to develop the course. The content has been designed by using feedback from citizens and their families who had recently been in our local hospitals. We also worked closely with professionals (e.g physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses, doctors and healthcare assistants) in the hospital and community to ensure the course met their needs.

The course includes simulation, using professional actors in the roles of patient and family members. This gives staff the chance to test their learning in a safe environment. The four simulations are based on real life scenarios local citizens described and brings issues they have identified into focus for the staff taking part.

The course is designed for staff to learn about the importance of good communication between professionals and the patient/carer, as well as discussing the plans for leaving hospital as early as possible.

The course is quite unique and is the first time the SaIL centre has brought together such a range of professionals on one course.

The feedback from the course so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

If you are a health and social care professional in Southwark and Lambeth and would like to attend the training course you can find more information here.

If you would like more information about the course, please contact