Starting to reflect on SLIC success and learning

Bose with care home resident

Over the last four years the Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care partnership has designed and tested a variety of new ways of providing care with local people, through the Older People’s Programme (OPP).

This work has been driven by frontline staff and citizens coming together to deliver better care. As Brenda Donnelly, practice nurse and former Community Multi-Disciplinary Team Chair, in her recent interview about the importance of integrated care explains: “I have been really really proud to be part of something so at the cutting edge of our healthcare, and for me the SLIC project has given me a lot of opportunities to actually provide good care for the patients that I was seeing.”

Brenda speaks enthusiastically about the relationships and connections she made working on SLIC projects: “I’ve had the most wonderful experiences working and learning from my colleagues in social care and in the voluntary sector, and other healthcare professionals within secondary care that I probably would have never come in contact with.”

Over the last four years the SLIC change programme has brought together staff from across health and social care, alongside citizens and service users, to redesign and transform the care for people predominantly aged 65 and over and with multiple long term conditions. The SLIC programme comes to an end in March 2016 to make way for the second phase of this strategic partnership – one that radically reimagines the way care is delivered for the people of Southwark and Lambeth. This next phase will build on the foundations built and the lessons learnt through SLIC.

In the film of Brenda she reminds us: “Don’t forget to look back and see how far you’ve travelled.”

Merav Dover, Chief Officer at SLIC, said: “With Brenda’s wise words in mind, before the partnership moves into the next stage of integrated care it is important for us to understand the journey, celebrate what SLIC has achieved and to share widely what we have learnt over the last four years. Our collective learning of what works and does not work is already being embraced by the next phase of this partnership. Partners are now in the process of producing a formal End of SLIC Report.”

An independent team from King's Health Partners, Academic Health Science Centre, have been commissioned to help produce the End of SLIC Report.

The report will build on the evaluation reports been done to date, SLIC data and the views of people within the partnership since 2012.

Further information about the report will be provided through SLIC and partner communications channels.