Extra-care accommodation

extra care accommodation

Lambeth and Southwark councils are working with King’s College Hospital and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trusts on a new project which aims to give people time to recover from their illnesses away from the busy hospital.

Sometimes people no longer need the medical services provided by a hospital, but they are not ready to return home and need more time to recover or regain their strength and confidence. Until recently there was no alternative place for these people to go.

For the duration of the test certain residents of Southwark and Lambeth can now be offered one of four extra-care flats to recover away from the hospital for up to four weeks. The flats provide 24-hour access to on-site support, if they require it.

While they are recovering in the accommodation they will take part in assessments with social care and community services teams, to identify what support they need when they return home. If necessary adaptations will be made to the persons home so that they are in place when they leave the extra-care flat.

Healthwatch Lambeth are working with us and will be developing relationships with the residents of the flats to find out about their experiences of the test.