End of SLIC partner event - 22 March 2016

Sir Ron Kerr, Co-Chair of the SLIC Sponsor Board gave a speech at the closure of SLIC thank you event on Tuesday 22 March.

Sir Ron Kerr: "Welcome to the SLIC/Strategic Partnership thank you event.

It’s great to see so many of you here and to be able to celebrate the past four years with the people whose hard work and commitment has gone into making SLIC a success.

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for all you have done.

I’d like you to cast your mind back to the pre-SLIC days and the reasons why we started on this journey.

Thinking back to 2012, the vision for SLIC has stayed the same – we wanted to improve care for local people within tough financial constraints – but the SLIC of 2012 is very different from the SLIC we have today – and the partnership of tomorrow. I think this is right.

When we began, we didn’t have a blueprint for integrating care. We had to learn by doing.
True, we made mistakes. Things didn’t always go so well, especially in the early days. But we learned, we adapted – and mostly we succeeded. That’s why at its heart the SLIC story is a story of learning – and of the twists, turns and detours we took to get where we are today.

So where are we today? What’s different? There are too many projects to list, but to name-check just a few…

@home, which is providing care for acutely unwell patients at home. GPs are leading the way in providing Holistic Assessments, spending time talking to patients about their lives as well as their medical conditions, working closely with the voluntary and community sector. Citizens – over 600 of them – giving up their time for free to be involved in every level of SLIC governance via the Citizens Board, and in co-designing projects to make sure services reflect the needs of local people. 

SLIC projects haven’t just benefitted local people, but professionals too, by giving them the opportunity to discuss and debate key issues with citizens and others - challenging their point of view and helping them to think differently to bring about change.

A lot has changed. We have a lot to be proud of.

The willingness of all those involved in the partnership to keep going – to push through the difficult times and make things work – has continued to impress me.

I said earlier that the SLIC of 2012 is very different to where we are today. The same is true of the world we live in. We’re under even more financial pressure, but the fact that in our boroughs people are still working together in partnership – no retrenching – is a great sign of success. This is due, I think to the trust and relationships which have been created during SLIC – one of our most important, and I hope enduring, successes. 

Transforming systems across health and social care is difficult. We all know that first-hand. But we are on our way and will continue to make a real difference to the people of Southwark and Lambeth.

It’s your enthusiasm, commitment and expertise that will support the partnership as it moves into the next phase. So thank you."