Read the latest news about the partnership, the projects and the developments of integrated care in Southwark and Lambeth.

    Making integrated care a reality in Southwark and Lambeth

    Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care (SLIC) has had a positive impact on improving care for local people, and has built a strong foundation for further integrating health and social systems [...] Read more

    End of SLIC Reports

    Two reports have been produced to evaluate the successes and challenges of SLIC, examine its impact and share lessons learned. The SLIC partnership produced their own report ‘Integrating Care in [...] Read more

    Reflecting on four years of SLIC

    Merav Dover and Helen Charlesworth-May reflect on the lessons learned, challenges and successes during the four years of SLIC [...] Read more

    The closure of SLIC and the future of integrated care in Southwark and Lambeth

    Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care (SLIC) will shortly close to make way for the next phase of the partnership which is bringing together health and social care systems across the [...] Read more

    End of SLIC partner event - 22 March 2016

    Sir Ron Kerr, Co-Chair of the SLIC Sponsor Board gave a speech at the closure of SLIC thank you event on Tuesday 22 March. Sir Ron Kerr: "Welcome to the [...] Read more

    Falls class standing with instructor

    Early interventions to prevent falls

    People who were at risk of falling now have an improved quality of life thanks to community exercise classes in Southwark and Lambeth. The community exercise classes help people to [...] Read more

    Video: Happy Drums

    Happy Drums is a community drumming class which has been funded by a grant from The Health and Wellbeing Fund to run workshops for older people in Vassall and Coldharbour [...] Read more

    ladies singing and dancing

    Happy drummers in Lambeth

    Older people in Lambeth are feeling happier thanks to some lively drumming. Happy Drums, a community drumming class, has been funded by a grant from The Health and Wellbeing Fund [...] Read more

    Virtual Clinics

    GPs, community pharmacists and hospital-based consultant geriatricians are now coming together to review the care and treatment of older people in Southwark and Lambeth at new Virtual Clinics. The aim [...] Read more

    Q&A with Cathy Ingram

    Head of Local Rehabilitation and Integrated Care, Guy's and St Thomas' Community What have you been involved in as part of SLIC? I have been involved in SLIC from the [...] Read more