We have been working together as a partnership for several years to redesign services, so that they work better for people. Our Programme consists of many different projects, which are attempting to provide:

  • Proactive care to avoid crisis
  • An alternative urgent response
  • Effective discharge to maximise independence
  • The right conditions for system-wide change, including workforce development, supportive information systems, improved governance and accountability and others
  • Adopt services which support people, particularly those at risk, to stay well
  • Put in place integrated services to provide appropriate urgent care, reduce avoidable admissions and reduce delays in hospital discharge or onward referral
  • Put conditions in place which enable providers to integrate care services.

Change of this sort requires us to work differently and in a way which will energise and liberate our health and social care staff to put people at the heart of care, as local people want to be in control of their own lives.

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