Table discussion about workforce

    #CitizensForum social media summary

    On 12 May we held our last Citizens' Forum which focused on developing an integrated workforce in Southwark and Lambeth. The Forum was attended by 80 people from across the [...] Read more

    William’s story told by Irene Karrouze, Continence Nurse Specialist

    The catheter passport is a document full of useful information and contact details for people with catheters, and allows health and social care professionals to keep a record of the [...] Read more

    Clinical staff looking at whiteboard

    Testing underway at St Thomas’ and King’s

    Testing is now underway to improve the hospital discharge process for elderly people on inpatient wards at St Thomas’ and King’s College hospitals. Currently people are staying in hospital longer [...] Read more

    Mary’s story told by Claire Flanagan, Team Leader, Mental Health Care Home Intervention Team

    “Mary, aged 100 years old, was referred to us by the care home she had lived in since June 2014, because she was becoming aggressive at random points during the day, [...] Read more

    Video: Introduction to Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care

    Watch our new video about the development of integrated care in Southwark and Lambeth by our partnership. Local health and social care professionals and citizens explain why integration is important [...] Read more

    Community Multi-Disciplinary Teams

    Community Multi-Disciplinary Teams are groups of health, social care, voluntary and community sector professionals that come together to discuss and improve complex care plans of people in Southwark and Lambeth. [...] Read more

    Woman and GP discussing catheter care idea

    Solving catheter care challenges

    People with catheters face many challenges when it comes to the care they receive. On Tuesday 27 January, health and social care professionals, voluntary and community sector colleagues, carers and [...] Read more

    Liz drawing the discussions about resilience

    Drawing from experience

    A local artist helped capture the interesting discussions had at our first Resilience Interest Group. The meeting, held in December, was well attended by about 50 people including: health and [...] Read more

    Martha and George looking at the Older People's Information Directory on a computer

    Older People’s Information Directory

    The aim of this project was to create an online directory of clinical, social and voluntary sector support services for older people, carers and health and social care professionals in [...] Read more

    Catheter care patient Claudia and  nurse Irene smiling at each other

    My Catheter Passport

    The aim of the catheter passport is to improve communication and information sharing between health and social care professionals about the management of patients’ catheters. It is hoped that the [...] Read more